Tenafly Street Fair October 18 & 19 Applications Open

Our next Tenafly Street Fair will be October 18 & 19. Special advertising available at the Suburbanite (link to right). Please print, fill out and send the completed Street Fair Application to Daryl at Street Fair, LLC. If you are a food vendor you are responsible for getting a temporary food permit from the Boro of Tenafly. These permits are due no later than September 29 at Boro Hall.

Download & print pdf or click on image and print enlarged picture.

2014 October Tenafly St Fair Application Form

2014  Oct Tenafly Application Form p1_Page_12014  Oct Tenafly Application Form p22014 Oct Tenafly Application Form




Advertise your booth in the local paper – special rates for Street Fair


Tenafly Temporary Food Vendor Permit Application (pdf)

From the Tenafly Health Dept.: IF you come in and pay on time, meaning two weeks prior to the event, and it happens to rain day of the event and you do not use your  permit that weekend then YES you will be able to use the fee towards the next outdoor event.  (Any Tenafly outdoor event, not just a Chamber event.) We will not be accepting any vendors after the two week mark. 

Tenafly Temporary Food Vendor Permit

Join Tenafly Treasure Sales – Yard, Garage & Tag Sales throughout Tenafly Sept 19, 20 & 21

Clean Out Your Closets for

Tenafly’s Treasure Sale Weekend
September 19, 20 & 21

Take advantage of tag sale addicts descending on Tenafly for concentrated shopping pleasure. Don’t want addicts in your house? Sign up to sell your items in downtown Tenafly. The Chamber will advertise the location of your sale on our website and Craig’s list, will advertise the sale (with directions to the website with your location) in The Suburbanite & The Bergen Record, and will provide identification allowing you to skip the Tenafly Yard Sale Fee.
Sidewalk Sales & business samples and performances by the School of Rock will round out the attractions downtown.

So What Will It Cost Me? (Virtually Nothing)
The Chamber will be collecting a reservation fee of $25 and will be giving every participant $25 in Chamber Bucks after they have run a bonafide sale. (Chamber Bucks may be spent like cash at many Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce members.) Participants reserving space downtown will be required to give a $100 check that will be returned after all unsold items have been removed from the downtown area. (Throwing items in the local trash cans does not count.) Mail checks to theTenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce, PO Box 163, Tenafly, NJ 07670.

As soon as we receive your $25 check  we will list your address we will give you a page to post pictures of items you wish to sell. In September we will start listing you in our advertising and on our website. Remember you will receive $25 in Chamber Bucks to spend at many Tenafly Chamber members when you participate in the weekend.

How Do I Participarte?

Fill out & submit the form below to participate:

Important: If You do NOT receive a confirmation email & see your listing on our yard sale page please call Christine at 201 - 8 * 0 * 5 - 6 * 0 * 5 * 3.
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Recap Emergency Preparedness Presentation by Tony Barzelatto

The presentation by Council President Tony Barzelatto at the May meeting was incredible – its the first meeting we’ve ever had that people left the room to annouce that they were going to be late home & then came right back. I strongly suspect items covered will save someone’s life in the next five years. Attendees are looking to arrange a repeat for their staff. If you can, please try and attend one of these do-overs. If you can’t, I’ve included notes:

Main Points from the Emergency Preparedness  For Businesses Presentation
By Tony Barzelatto
May 7, 2014 – Tenafly NJ Chamber Of Commerce

Downed Wires

Don’t touch any downed wires even if you ‘know’ they are safe. Cable & phone wires both carry electricity & may not be insulated. Report to police department.


Keep all exits clear

Dispose of all unwanted items (boxes, old displays, etc.) quickly to reduce fire risks

Illicit smoking is still a problem. Examine all areas to determine if a secret smoker could start a fire with a careless butt.

Electrical Safety

Unplug appliances, particularly coffee pots, when the business is closed

If fuses trip, do not just reset; determine problem and FIX it. Throw away any item that causes GFICs to trip. (Ground Fault Interrupter Circuits used to turn off electricity in cases of shorts.)

Extension Cords

Always use industrial or commercial grade; not thin/cheap ones.

Extension cords are not rated for permanent use. If you need one for a couple of months (no more than 90 days) get an electrician to provide a permanent solution.

Do not run under carpets or through windows or doors.

Personal Safety

ALWAYS check location exits when entering a building, mall or venue. See Youtube on Rhode Island Night Club fire when 100 people died trying to jam through the main exit when 4 others were free.

Escape dangerous situations & THEN call 911. People die in fires with their phones in their hand.


Active Shooter Emergencies

On the rise in NJ in business environments

Preplan your employees response

Run – if at all possible get away. Encourage others to leave but don’t stay with them if they refuse to come. Stop others entering the danger area. AFTER you escape call 911.

Hide – lock or barricade yourself in closets or rooms. Turn off lights. Silence sound & vibration on phones. Be VERY QUIET for a long time. Do not come out until you are instructed to by the police. Then keep hands visible and fingers spread.

Fight – If no other option attack the shooter with pens, chairs or anything else handy. Attack with commitment, remembering shoot is scared and may freeze in the face of an aggressive attack.

Watch Youtube video ‘Run Hide Fight’ .


Please note that the first emergency responder’s job is take down the shooter; it is not to rescue the injured. Don’t distract them with injuries & don’t make moves that could be considered threatening.



Guests with Cabin Fever in Tenafly?

Have all your kid’s college friends come to your house? Maybe just all your out-of-state relatives? Peace can be at hand – print out the Tenafly Business area map and send your guests for a walk downtown. Best on 8 1/2 x 14 paper or you can shrink to 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Map is courtesy of the Tenafly Welcome! Committee. We will be happy to convey corrections.

Click here for pdf download : TenaflyMapDowntown2014Jan

Tenafly Downtown Map


Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce 2014 Meetings

All general meetings are at 6:30 pm at the Clinton Inn. Networking events are held at various Chamber member establishments. Thank you to Axia Taverna and Palmers Crossing who have hosted events in 2013 and the Clinton Inn who hosts all our general meetings.

March 5 – John Powers, Philips (lighting)

April 2 – Promotions Party Borough Administrator Jewel Thomso-Chin & Chief Robert Chamberlain, special guests

May 7 – Tony Barzelato – Emergency Preparedness for Buisinesses

June 1 – New Businesses in Tenafly Party

July & August – no meeting

September 3 – general meeting

October 1 – general meeting

November 5 – Street Fair/ Special Sales Days Evaluations
The contract for the Tenafly Street Fair is signed in November. All business owners are invited to state the impact of the Street Fairs and or the Special Sales Days on their businesses. The Chamber members will then decide on the format of the events for next year (for example for the St. Fair – as is, new location, just Saturdays, just Sundays). A second vote of Chamber members will be held to determine if we will have the event(s) chosen or not.

December 3 – Holiday Party