Tenafly Chamber Events


No monthly meeting this month – we’re going to the parade!

Holiday Parade

Dec 10 6 pm
Oresko Oval, up Washington Street to Huyler Park

Everyone will march behind the Fire Truck with Sparky the Firedog & Santa. In Huyler Park participants will get FREE hot chocolate, cookies & hear the THS Madrigal Singers. The Tenafly Key Club assists with distributing small gifts and keeping the children safe during the walk.

Annual Dinner

The annual dinner will be held at the Clinton Inn on January 13, 6:30 – 9:30 pm. The Guest of Honor will be former Tenafly High School Principal Dr. Dora Kontogiannis.

Monthly Meeting – Street Fair comments & vote

As a result of this month’s meeting we will be working with the Borough of Tenafly to move the Street Fair to a new location – probably in the vicinity of Highwood and Jay Street.

The Chamber voted to use the money raised to improve Huyler Park for a sound system. We are working with O. Dibella in Teaneck to specify a system that will permit background music to the North, West & South of the band stand to be heard within the walkway, program broadcasts (old radio shows/ presentations, but not concerts) within the walkway on all sides of the bandstand, and Memorial Day broadcasts to the park and Piermont and West Railroad.

June 2015 Downtown NJ Annual Conference

An interesting presentation of things large towns are doing to reinvigorate their business area. DowntownNJ notes 2015.


Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to everyone who ran. We can’t have a good government without strong choices and competent people willing to lose. We appreciate your efforts for the town. Thank you.

Fitness Quest 2015 – Hercules Invictus

Greetings fellow Chamber of Commerce members!

If anyone here wishes to be featured in Tenafly Cares About Wellness
on my new Fitness Quest 2015 site:
please contact me at hercules.invictus@gmail.com or (201) 561-5978 and we can schedule an appointment.

Also: If you, your staff, your clients or customers, or anyone you know, wishes to pledge themselves to FQ 2015’s, unfolding journey, they can be added here, with a banner link to your website.

I’ll need, for each entry, a/an

Brief explanation of what they are/will be doing

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them.

Joyous Journeys!


Tenafly 201 Best Of Bergen Winners

Congratulations to the Tenafly businesses that won 201 Magazine Best Of Bergen Winners & Thank you to those who voted for Tenafly as the best Reason to live in Tenafly!

First Place:
Simply Vietnamese Best Vietnam Restaurant & Best Gluten-free Restaurant

Runners up:
Axia Taverna – Best Greek Restaurant
Chez Cheeze – Best Cheese Shop
La Promanade – Best Caterer
Tenafly Diner – Best Diner
Tenafly Nature Center – Best Nature Center


Proclamation Honoring Cathy McCauley and Al Cappellini of Cooktique

We’re happy to announce that Cathy McCauley and Al Cappellini, former owner’s of Tenafly’s Cooktique, were honored with a Borough of Tenafly Proclamation on the occasion of their retirement. The Proclamation was read by Mayor Peter Rustin at the January 7, 2014 Annual Chamber Dinner and on January 13, 2014 at the Tenafly Council Meeting. Congratulations, Al & Cathy!
McCauley & Cappellini Proclamation retiring from Cooktique

Recap Emergency Preparedness Presentation by Tony Barzelatto

We’re having a recap of this presentation Wednesday, February 3, 2016. It could save your life. All welcome.

The presentation by Council President Tony Barzelatto at the May meeting was incredible – its the first meeting we’ve ever had that people left the room to annouce that they were going to be late home & then came right back. I strongly suspect items covered will save someone’s life in the next five years. Attendees are looking to arrange a repeat for their staff. If you can, please try and attend one of these do-overs. If you can’t, I’ve included notes:

Main Points from the Emergency Preparedness  For Businesses Presentation
By Tony Barzelatto
May 7, 2014 – Tenafly NJ Chamber Of Commerce

Downed Wires

Don’t touch any downed wires even if you ‘know’ they are safe. Cable & phone wires both carry electricity & may not be insulated. Report to police department.


Keep all exits clear

Dispose of all unwanted items (boxes, old displays, etc.) quickly to reduce fire risks

Illicit smoking is still a problem. Examine all areas to determine if a secret smoker could start a fire with a careless butt.

Electrical Safety

Unplug appliances, particularly coffee pots, when the business is closed

If fuses trip, do not just reset; determine problem and FIX it. Throw away any item that causes GFICs to trip. (Ground Fault Interrupter Circuits used to turn off electricity in cases of shorts.)

Extension Cords

Always use industrial or commercial grade; not thin/cheap ones.

Extension cords are not rated for permanent use. If you need one for a couple of months (no more than 90 days) get an electrician to provide a permanent solution.

Do not run under carpets or through windows or doors.

Personal Safety

ALWAYS check location exits when entering a building, mall or venue. See Youtube on Rhode Island Night Club fire when 100 people died trying to jam through the main exit when 4 others were free.

Escape dangerous situations & THEN call 911. People die in fires with their phones in their hand.


Active Shooter Emergencies

On the rise in NJ in business environments

Preplan your employees response

Run – if at all possible get away. Encourage others to leave but don’t stay with them if they refuse to come. Stop others entering the danger area. AFTER you escape call 911.

Hide – lock or barricade yourself in closets or rooms. Turn off lights. Silence sound & vibration on phones. Be VERY QUIET for a long time. Do not come out until you are instructed to by the police. Then keep hands visible and fingers spread.

Fight – If no other option attack the shooter with pens, chairs or anything else handy. Attack with commitment, remembering shoot is scared and may freeze in the face of an aggressive attack.

Watch Youtube video ‘Run Hide Fight’ .


Please note that the first emergency responder’s job is take down the shooter; it is not to rescue the injured. Don’t distract them with injuries & don’t make moves that could be considered threatening.