2014 Proposed In-store or Business Promotions

Promotions – designed to get traffic into Chamber stores & businesses

Mother’s Day Flowers – participating members will get 1-2 dozen potted flowers. May be used for distribution Thursday May 8 -Saturday, May 10 or to beautify your establishment. We will advertise those distributing to customers/clients.  Additional flowers will be available for purchase.

American Express Small Business Saturday (SBS) – Cooperate with the Am Ex program to get clients to patronize small businesses the Saturday after Thanksgiving. In 2013 AmEx gave $2,500 in gift cards to the Tenafly NJ Chamber to be distributed through Am Ex SBS promotions in Tenafly as well as door mats.

Where’s Waldo Promotions  – Where’s Waldo is very sympathetic to small businesses and has developed a birthday celebration program to help small businesses through bookstore contests involving businesses in the whole town. We have participated in the past but this promotions is contingent on being accepted into the program for 2014. We have a robust new resident program in Tenafly and we hope to get permission for an extension of the standard June/July contest to allow us to distribute passports in the Welcome! To Tenafly Book distributed by the Boro.)

Part 1: participate in the Nationwide Where’s Waldo in Small Businesses campaign. Businesses elect to be on a passport, participants take passports throughout town to get stamps in the participating businesses, completed passports are turned in and the winners are awarded Where’s Waldo paraphilia. Hosted by Womraths. We participated in 2013 & hope to be selected for 2014.

Part 2: Distribute passports April – October in the Tenafly! Welcome Book. Hold small drawings every month during the Special Sales Days. It is suggested that businesses that get most of their clients from new residents (such as doctors or dentists) use this to quickly let new residents look them over. These do not have to be the same businesses as part 1. This will require special permission form Where’s Waldo.

Chamber Bucks (coupons from the Chamber) Chamber Bucks will be retargeted to focus on new residents and potential foot traffic that may not be currently motivated to shop & stroll through Tenafly. Instead of a simple coupon, Chamber Bucks will be part of an 8 1/2″ x 11″ flyer listing all Chamber members, highlighting those willing to accept chamber bucks. The amount, while not final, would be expected to be enough to pay for a coffee, donut or health shake. Each program would be independently sponsored.

Program 1- New Resident – Included in the Tenafly New Resident book.  (approximately 300 coupons) Members may contribute independently to the New Resident Book.

Program 2 – Potential New Resident Program – Distribute to member real estate offices to be given to those thinking about buying a house in Tenafly.

Program 3 – Stroll Tenafly Candidates – Distribute to members who provide a service while clients wait – for example at car dealers servicing cars. Businesses would be asked to distribute on nice, relatively warm days.

Tenafly NJ CofC/Suburbanite Promotion – As part of the advertising contract we can get promotional items from the Suburbanite. We may use these items for business promotions,