Get Your Tenafly Street Fair Applications In

The Street Fair is Coming !
October 18 & 19, 2019

Please fill out this application to have a booth in the Street Fair (Cross out April date).  (first two are PDF versions, the second two are the same things in jpg format.
Tenafly Application Form PDF

2017 Tenafly Application Form p1 jpg version

jpg p1

2017 Tenafly Application Form p2 jpg version

jpg version p 2

We also have sidewalk permits for the rest of Tenafly so if businesses just want to set up a table, display or even just a couple of balloons we have your permit covered. Food establishments MUST have the Tenafly Borough outdoor eating permit to have eating facilities outside their restaurant. Restaurants may also participate in our Restaurant Food Fest where we advertise special menus for the weekend for you. Contact Christine.

The street fair is run by Street Fairs, Ltd. (Darryl handles our event).


Axia Taverna   *  The Clinton Inn

Friedberg Properties * Tenafly BMW

Angie Papandrikos  *  East Madison Dental  *  Kaplen JCC on the Palisades * Tenafly Chiropractic Center  *  Tenafly Pediatrics