Huyler Park Improvent Dinner Program 5/18/94

Here’s he scan of the original program from the Dinner that raised the money. The proposed bandstand roof was on the cover and is referenced in the President’s Letter p. 8. In addition, the then-current Borough Historian, Virginia Mosley, wrote in favor of the project and gave the invocation at the event.

The support from the town was amazing – (& the ads were fun to look at – remember copies at Priority Printing for a nickel? – it makes the sum raised truly impressive.)

While there a couple entities in several sections, the program boasts –

29 full-page ads (27 advertisers)

8 1/2 page ads (16 advertisers)

2 quarter page – 8 advertisers

3 business card ads – 24 advertisers

98 Sponsors (some duplicates of the business advertisers.

Huyler Park Improvement Program Pages 1-20 – It looks like Tony Barzelatto was on the Dinner Committee; Martha Kerge was the Council Liaison; It looks like there might have been a lot of parents of current Tenafly Residents.

Huyler Park Improvement Program Pages 21-40 TPR still went by Tenafly Pizza Restaurant; we had Colgate-Palmolive was in town – why didn’t Tenafly residents rise up & by stock in the company to keep them here for their kids? They had an incredible training program for their employees.

Huyler Park Improvement Program Pages 41-56 – I’m not sure if the sponsors of the event were basically the attendees or if it was a higher donation level.There are some repeats of names in the ads so it might have been attendees.

Insurance For Chamber Members – April 4 Meeting

Wednesday April 4, 6:30 pm
Clinton Inn

The Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce is exploring forming a health insurance group. This can permit member single-employee businesses to get group rates and can help smaller businesses be a part of a lower-cost group. Businesses would not need to be located in Tenafly but they would need to be members of the Tenafly NJ Chamber (current basic membership $125/year).

The Chamber has asked Izzy Kushner of HR Impact to give a detailed presentation on how such a plan would workand potential coverage plans.

Izzy Kushner Is the president of HR Impact, Inc. (201.750.7070), a consulting firm that helps clients select, implement and administer employee benefit plans. The firm also assists clients with a full range of HR issues including employee communications; employee, executive and Board compensation; payroll administration; selective executive search; corporate culture assessments, and regulatory compliance.

Tenafly NJ Chamber Working On Light Rail Response to DEIS

Update: Participation in the survey was under 30% of the business-owner members (members who were elected officials and employee representatives of larger businesess choose not to participate) so the Chamber has elected to not submit the detailed response as a position of the Tenafly Chamber. The analysis, survey response and commentary on the DEIS plan submitted can be seen under the tab above.

The Chamber is working on a response to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Light Rail. We are surveying all members to be able to accurately report how the Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce views the possible coming of light rail to Tenafly. MUCH more importantly, we are examining in detail plans for dealing with town issues such as traffic and reduced access to businesses during construction  should light rail come to Tenafly. We are developing specific alternatives to plans in the DEIS that impact Tenafly businesses.

If you are a Chamber member, please take the survey and submit any suggestions you have for improving light rail’s impact on your business.

If you are not a member and have a specific suggestion, please feel free to let us know in the comments. Better yet – join the Chamber!

Bill to Permit Insurance Through NJ Chamber of Commerce Organizations

Chamber of Commerce groups across the state are mobilizing to support NJ Bill S-2874 which would permit members of the Chambers of Commerce to form small business alliances which would provide the opportunity to for sole proprietor members to buy health insurance.

Voting on the bill is expected to take place this Fall. Members are asked to contact their representatives now to express their views.