February 2012 Tenafly Chamber of Commerce Minutes

Minutes General Meeting, February 1, 2012

  • Christine Evron finalized the chamber membership sticker for 2012 and has added a QR (Quick Read) Code to the sticker; when scanned on a smart phone, will bring viewers to the chamber’s website. When scanned, the QR code can also bring viewers to a special promotional page.

 Election results:

Bob Kutik (Womrath’s Book Store) was nominated by Gerry Migliore and has been elected by acclamation.

Carol Schulter (Kaplen JCC on the Palisades) was re-elected as 2nd Vice President and is listed as Vice President until a 1st Vice President is nominated.

Pat Fedele (Alma Bank) was elected as Treasurer.JoAnn Carr (Suburbanite Newspaper) re-elected as Secretary.

Christine Evron, (Touchstone Computer Systems, Inc.) 2-year term remaining

Bill Kapito (Wine Ventures) 1-year term remaining

Marlyn Friedberg (Friedberg Properties), 2-year term remaining

Cathy McCauley (Cooktique) 2-year term remaining

Gerry Migliore, (CVS Pharmacy) Past President 

Scott Porter (Fischer Porter Thomas & Reinfeld Attorneys Law),1-year term remaining

Khalid Mansoor (Healthway Natural Foods)1-year term remaining

o        In the past the Mayor and Council have included $2,000 in the budget to subsidize Tenafly Chamber events. JoAnn will write a letter to be sent to the mayor and council requesting these funds for 2012.

  • Al Cappellini suggested a survey of the Tenafly Chamber membership be taken to ask their stand on the light rail. Christine will put together a survey on the chamber’s website. An e-mail will be sent out to all members asking them to participate in the survey. The results of the survey will be reviewed and based on the responses the Tenafly Chamber will submit a collective response to the DEIF.
  • The BID Executive Director, Beth Lippmann, will address the Tenafly Chamber at the next general meeting on March 7th.

Old Business:

  • Status of the chamber’s tax filing. Gerry will follow up with accountant and get the tax filing wrapped up.
  • $200 check was delivered to the Tenafly High School as a contribution to the Tenafly Music Scholarship fund.
  • Mayor Peter Rustin attending the meeting and spoke about the light rail. Also reminded members about the outdated map the Clinton Inn has been distributing. to guests. Christine Evron is updating the map of the business district for the Welcome Committee and the Chamber.

Goals and Objectives for 2012

  • As the new president of the chamber, Bob Kutik listed the following goals and objectives for 2012: Increase membership, use the website for more visibility, use Suburbanite for more PR. Get information on town’s message board and utilize the town quarterly newsletter.
  • Plan to use the mayor and council’s suggestion to hold a monthly sidewalk sale during the warmer weather. Need to solicit businesses to get them to participate.
  • More co-sponsored events.
  • An Events and Promotions committee was formed, the following members volunteered for the committee: Cathy McCauley will chair, Maria, Al, Bob and JoAnn. Meet and put together a proposed schedule by the March general meeting. Look into buying an e-mail list to use for announcing events and promotions.
  • A Membership Committee was formed, the following members volunteered for the committee: Christine is chairing, Despina, Pat F., Bob, Gerry and Joann. To meet and get out membership mailing before March meeting.
  • A Networking Committee was formed, the following members volunteered for the committee: Bob is chairing, Christine and JoAnn
  • Minutes from the January meeting were approved.
  • Meeting adjourned at 9:02.



Attendees:  Milap Raikundalia, BrainStorm Tutoring; Maria Binembaum, Brain Storm Tutoring; Christine Evron, Touchstone; Cathy McCauley, Cooktique; Al Cappellini, Cooktique; Gerry Migliore, CVS; Pasquale Fedele, Alma Bank; Despina Kolokithas, Alma Bank; Jon Warms, Borough of Tenafly; Carol Schulter, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades; JoAnn Carr, Suburbanite Newspaper.