Minutes January 2014

Minutes Annual Meeting Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce January 8th, 2014

Treasurer’s Report – No treasurer’s report, Cathy is on vacation.

 Council Liaison Report

Jon Warms council liaison report: Barry Honig is no longer co-liaison. New co-liaison is Mark Zinna.

Bid Report

BID is intending to put up light pole banners in the business district.

BID is waiting for approval from the mayor and council before they can go forward.

Banner copy: “Shop Local, Dine Local and Play Local”. Approx. 2’ wide x 3’ long.

Decision on how many banners will be put up hoping for approval by February.

Banners will be used for directional purposes as well.

 Election of officers:

Nominating committee slate of officers:

  • Bob Kutik, President
  • Scott Porter, Vice President
  • Cathy McCauley, Treasurer
  • JoAnn Carr, Secretary
  • Marlyn Friedberg, Director
  • Gerry Migliore, Director
  • Khalid Monsoor, Director
  • Carol Schulter, Director

Jon Warms nominated Christine Evron for office of president.

Christine nominated herself as a director.

Christine nominated Lori of La Promenade as a director.

Motion called to vote for vice president, treasurer and secretary, 2nd and approved.

Ballots were collected from 14 members present at the annual meeting.

The results: a tie, 7 to 7.

Directors elected: Marlyn Friedberg, Gerry Migliore, Khalid Monsoor, Carol Schulter.

Bob Kutik withdrew his name from the running.

A vote by acclamation was called by Gerry, motion carried, Christine Evron is the new president of the chamber.

2014 Committees:

Street Fair Committee: Bob Kutik, Gerry Migliore, Linda Pollack, Dirk Skogerson

Social Committee: Marge Parlamis,  Mary Ann Cevine (Clinton Inn)

Finance Committee: Treasurer, Cathy McCauley and Dimitri Tsounakis of Alma Bank

Month meeting first Wednesday of each month except July and August.

3rd Wednesday of the month, executive board meeting, Clinton Inn.

First executive board meeting of the year, Wednesday, January 15th, at 6:30.

Christine Evron – “Anyone is welcome to come to the executive board meeting”.

Fund Raising Possibility

Joey Dweck made a presentation on his new discount card app.

Merchants do not have to pay, up to 30 or 40 merchants can offer discounts on the app at one time.

Chamber sells the app to their customers, launching g at the end of January.

Way for chamber to raise money. Give members a gift card like a CVS card. Scratch off number on the back.

Minimum cost of $20. Chamber will get a cut of the card cost to be determined. No promotional material available yet.

Next general meeting is Wednesday, February 5, at 6:30 pm, Clinton Inn.

Attendees: JoAnn Carr, Tenafly Suburbanite; Joey Dweck, Skinny News;  Christine Evron, Touchstone Computer Systems; Marlyn Friedberg, Friedberg Properties; Despina Koldithas, Alma Bank; Bob Kutik, Womrath’s Book Store;  Nichole Mariette, Clinton Inn;  Peter McCauley, Cooktique;  Gerry Migliori, Pro-Active Public Relations; Linda Pollock, North Jersey Home Maintenance Group; Scott Porter, Fischer, Porter & Thomas;  Dirk Skogerson, Budget Blinds;  Dimitri Tsounakis, Alma Bank; Jon Warms, Borough of Tenafly & Rotary Club


Meeting adjourned 7:40.