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Please note that the business name will go directly into the Chamber website with the capitalization you specify. All capitals is equivalent to shouting on the web.

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You don't have to leave us a message but if you want to this is the place. If you need an invoice to pay us tell us here.

Promotion Participation

Select programs you will be participating in.

SMALL ad for businesses that sign up by June.

For $100 you can add a flyer to one of our mailings to all the businesses in Tenafly ~280. You supply the flyer & we supply the stamp & envelop. Help stuffing appreciated. Check if interested.

Accept Chamber Bucks ($5 each) for 100% reimbursement approximately every 2 months.

We have contracted for two street fairs this year to raise money for the Chamber – April 27 & 28 and Oct 19 & 20. We expect the Street Fair to be on Washington in Spring & Piermont in the Fall. If you set up in any other location (in front of your store) we have already applied for the town permits so there is NO charge. Heavily discounted booths are available for members in the street fair.

Mothers Day ad will just wish Happy Mothers Day from all members-not advertise the flower give-away. If you want to get approximately a dozen flowers for your best clients or to plant around your business, check this box. You MUST pick up at May meeting.

The category you would like to win in the 201 Best Of Bergen. We will prepare a list of suggested nominees for all Tenafly merchants to distribute.

Display posters from Recky's Summer Camp. We'll advertise the poster viewing locations.

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