Membership Application 2023

The Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce strives to represent all commercial businesses in Tenafly but we have some special perks for our members. We have offered flats of gorgeous flowers (courtesy of Camberly Gardens) for Mother’s Day, clings to identify you as an active member of the Tenafly business community, identification as part of the Chamber when we send gifts of appreciation to the Tenafly Boro administration, Police, Firefighters, DPW and TVAC, ads that identify the members of our Chamber and low-cost participation in our Street Fair. You may also vote in our elections (provided you meet the requirements of a voting member.) We hope you consider joining as a dues-paying member.

    Business Type

    In the event of multiple partners in a business, one must be designated the voter for the company. "self" is acceptable as a designation if one proprietor is identified.

    Please mail your check for $150 base membership to:
    Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce
    PO Box 163
    Tenafly, NJ 07670

    New applicants please note: we must receive your check by February 14 for you to participate in the February 22, 2023 elections. Tenafly businesses may call me at 201.805.6053 to pick up your check & to give you a receipt.

    Your application will be assigned to Voting Member or Associate Member before the election. You will receive an email of your status.
    The following programs are typical programs we have run in the past. The Street Fair with our Restaurant International Food Festival & Holiday Parade will take place. Others will be approved by the new Board. Please indicate which programs you'd like to participate in.

    Street Fair/ International Restaurant Festival

    We have contracted for two street fairs this year to raise money for the Chamber – April 1 & 2 and Oct 14 & 15. The location will be in downtown Tenafly but we have not determined the exact location at this time. If you set up in any location (in front of your store) we have already applied for the town permits so there is NO charge. Heavily discounted booths are available for members in the street fair.

    If you want to get a flat of flowers for your best clients or to plant around your business, check this box. You MUST pick up at May meeting. Mothers Day ad will just wish Happy Mothers Day from all members-not advertise the flower give-away.

    We prepare a list of suggested nominees for all Tenafly merchants to distribute during the Aug/Sept/Oct voting.

    Display historic businesses posters colored by Recky's Summer Camp attendees. We'll advertise the poster viewing locations.

    Community Service

    Holiday Parade

    - 2nd Thursday in Dec unless it conflicts with parent night