Minutes February 2014

Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce Minutes February 19, 2014 Rescheduled from 2/5/14 due to snow


Bob Culvert, Tenafly DPW International Influences on the Cost of Trash in Tenafly

Tenafly keeps costs low by separating streams of trash. China uses our recycles as the raw material for products sold back to the US.  China is becoming more discriminating in the recycles they will accept. Tenafly’s excellent compliance with recycle guidelines gets us a better price for recycles than other local towns.

The Council decided to postpone any trial of a new snow removal protocol until next year.  The current statue requiring paths for pedestrians in front of stores and 4’ lanes to the street with snow piled on the curb is still in effect.

Other snow clearing requirements – access to fire hydrants and trash bins must be kept clear.

Please note that disposing of business trash in municipal street trash cans is illegal.


The January Minutes were approved as written. Motion by Gerry Migliore & seconded by Jon Warms.


President’s Report – Christine Evron

Executive Committee Changes

The following resignations were submitted to and accepted by the Executive Committee:

Scott Porter resigned as VP after the January meeting.

Cathy McCauley resigned as Treasurer January 10

Joann Carr resigned as Secretary January 31

The following were appointed as by the Executive Committee:

Director – Julian C. Payraudeau , La Promanade 1-year term

Director – Scott Porter 1-year term to assist with By-law Revisions

Vice President – Pat Lawson, Chez Cheeze

We are looking for a volunteer to be secretary.


EOY Bank Balance $6,284.80

$4,249.00 in uncleared checks

Balance $2,035.80

The financial summary for 2013 is attached.

Questions were raised about evaluating promotion effectiveness. The new Board plans to realign programs to more effectively benefit all members and will be soliciting feedback on specific events.

New Programs Being Considered by the Executive Committee:

Special Sales Days (Sidewalk Sales) – the chamber has applied for permits for sidewalk tables for EVERY business in town – not just Chamber members. The Chamber will be partnering with groups like the Tenafly Earth Day (4/26)  to attract more people and to make Tenafly an exciting destination on our Special Sales Days.

Window Painting – The Chamber will work with the Tenafly Rec Summer Camp program to get windows painted in July in an effort to increase foot traffic during the slow summer months. Businesses would designate ground-level sections of windows to be painted (approximately 2’x3’) and would clean the windows in August after the event.

Where’s Waldo – the 2013 Where’s Waldo campaign was particularly successful in helping professional offices get new clients. The Chamber is working with Womrath’s to see if we can expand the program to distribute ‘passports’ to new Tenafly residents April through October in addition to participating again in the 2014 Birthday celebration.

Chamber Bucks – The program is being retargeted from rewarding the loyalty of existing customers to getting new customers into Tenafly businesses. Three programs are being considered –

New Resident Coupons distributed through the Tenafly Welcome! Book, Prospective Residents – distributed through Chamber Member RE offices to people looking to buy in Tenafly and Stroll Tenafly Coupons aimed at getting those in town for car service appointments distributed through CofC member dealerships.

Business Ad Program – The holiday ads program that features ads from individual businesses may be moved  to April – September.

Council Report

Jon Warms – The snow removal proposal has been tabled until next year.


Old Business

A thank you note received from Tenafly EMTs for the Cooktique holiday gift basket sent.


New Business

Regional CofC Events

Paramus Chamber of Commerce is running networking events – Feb 13: evening networking at the Capital Grill (free) & March 4: 3-minute Networking Garden State Plaza. Tenafly Chamber members will get local CofC member discounts if they attend.


Meeting Adjourned.

Attendees: Bruce Baker, Joyce Capkovitz, MaryAnn Cevene, Bob Culvert, Chrisitne Evron, Clay Hatten, Carol Hodges, Kathy Kojanis, Gerry Migliore, Dirk Skogerson, Stephainie Simone, Peter Rustin, Jon Warms CofC Financial Report 2013