Minutes April 2 2014

There were no minutes for the April 2 meeting as it was a networking event at the Clinton Inn.


Mayor Peter Rustin, Mayor of The Borough of Tenafly
Jon Warms, Tenafly Borough Council Liaison
Mark Zinna,  Tenafly Borough Council Liaison

Jewel Thompson-Chin – Special Guest
Police Chief Rob Chamberlain – Special Guest

Bet Barrett, Barrett Funeral Home
John Barrett, Barrett Funeral Home
Matthew Capizzi, Capizzi Law Offices
JoAnn Carr, The Norther Valley Suburbanite
Joey Dweck, Skinny News
Christine Evron, Touchstone Computer Systems, Inc.
Martha Kerge, Kerge Real Estate
Jim Kerge, Kerge Real Estate
Kathleen Kojanis, Tenafly Orthodontics
Pat Lamson, Chez Cheeze
Mark Marcus, PNC
Gerry Migliore & guest, Proactive Media
Lori Payraudeau, La Promenade
Carol Schulter, Kaplen JCC on the Palisades
Laureen Westmark, East Madison Denta;

7 others that I couldn’t read names on sign-in sheet.