Tenafly NJ Chamber of Commerce Minutes April 4, 2012

Attendees: Bob Kutik-Womraths, Christine Evron-Touchstone Computer Systems, Inc.; Shel Grossman-HR Impact, Izzy Kushner-HR Impact, Danielle Mastricova-Magic Marketer, Scott Porter, Anthony Gordon-Closter CofC, Mike Hamlin-Cresskill CofC, Dan Larson, Gerry-CVS, Maria Binenbaum-Brainstorm Tutoring, Jon Warms-Tenafly Council, Lisa Diamond-Kent Realty

Health Plans for Associations – Izzy Kushner & Shel Grosman, HR Impact
Health Plans for Associations – Izzy Kushner & Shel Grossman, HR Impact

Health plans for small groups (2-50 people) in NJ are priced at the same rates for an equal plan with the same insurance company, no matter the size or demographic of the group (community-based pricing). Joining an association’s health plan may make sense for a sole proprietor unable to form a group or for a business that currently insures one family as a group to meet the minimum of two members.

If an association can get enough members to buy into the health plan to get to a larger group category (50+ people), non-standard plans/pricing can be developed. It is possible, based on the specific demographics of the larger group that the pricing will be better for the group over the community-based pricing of the 2-50 person group. To pursue this option several local Chambers would probably wish to work together.

Work would be required to administer the plan. If a larger group plan were proposed each business would need to pay a month in advance and understand that the business would be immediately dropped if the payment were not made on time.

Insurance agents and brokers evaluate plans and advise businesses at no extra cost to the business. It would be an insurance broker’s job to evaluate how good a deal a proposed association plan would be for each business based on specific demographic information from the business (age, sex, current health patterns).

Joining an association’s health insurance plan would not mean that everyone would be covered completely from day one of a plan. NJ insurance companies are permitted to not cover pre-existing conditions for one year if the condition has not been covered by insurance in the six months proceeding the start of the plan.

Street Fair Update – Danielle Mastricova, Magic Markerter
The theme of the June 9th & 10th Street fair will be Surf’s Up.

Outreach to local businesses include working with professionals to develop marketing opportunities at the Fair, working with local eateries to take advantage of night-time alfresco dining after the fair is closed, working with non-profits, and working with the Borough to develop plans to accommodate client access to caterers while the streets are closed. Special plans include music by Silver Back East, Nick Real and Gina Minks; antique auto parade and event for auto dealers (auto wars); an event for Tenafly eateries (FoodWars), and Fashion shows by local fashion store owners. Tenafly High School, School of Rock and JCC musical groups will be asked to perform. Details are posted on www.TenaflyNJChamberofCommerce.org.

Placing a stage at the center of Washington & Railroad involves some logistical issues such as ensuring that the DPW attends a free certification course to handle the stage and that the joint insurance certificate names Bergen County Parks as a loss payee.

Council Liaison – Jon WarmsThe Council is planning banner polls on County Road. Scott Porter (BID Board Member) encouraged the council to coordinate with the BID signage project.

Farmers Market will again be in Tenafly, running from mid-May to mid-October. Opportunities exist for local merchants to get booths at the Farmers Market. Gerry Migliore, CVS suggested encouraging the Farmers Market to work at supplying local eateries.

April 28 – Little League & Girls Rec Softball Opening Day Parade
8:30-10 am – Route will include: George St, Tenafly Road, Washington St, Railroad Ave, Riveredge Road to Roosevelt Commons and then to field.

BID – Bob Kutik, Womraths
The BID will host a special meeting April 25, 6:30 pm Clinton Inn to solicit suggestions and answer questions.

Chamber Networking Breakfasts – Scott Porter
Scott asked for a sense of the meeting in supporting another educational breakfast networking meeting.

Treasurers Report Pasquale V. Fedele, Alma Bank
Deposits : $4,282.50
Expenses: $1,521.6
Tax forms filed March 26, 2012
Currently 29 members have paid their dues; this is a 60% increase over the end of May 2011.

Next Meeting – New Business Reception May 2
New businesses will be asked to come to the meeting to meet other Tenafly business owners and present their businesses.